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SPACE 3.0 believes that the collection, preservation, and expanded access to space materials that document its history is of vital importance.

While a number of museums, archives, and historians focus on space history, it has been challenging for them to raise funds for special projects, studies, or simply to perform oral histories. A vital role of SPACE 3.0 is to identify opportunities and needs in this area and pursue and/or financially support efforts that achieve this goal including a special focus on gathering oral histories and preserving industrial, commercial, and historical knowledge.

Ongoing Initiatives

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The SPACE 3.0 Archives are comprised several separate archives collectively covering NASA, DoD, global government, technology, and non-commercial activities. The Space Business & Commerce Archives features documents, reports, business plans, prospectus, financial reports, and other materials focused on the business, finance, and industrial side of the space industry.

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SPACE 3.0 is dedicated to building a digital library of space documents, reports, and information that will be easily searchable and accessible over the Internet.

Our bi-weekly newsletter aims to curate the internet and share space history-related things that have caught our eye — including oral histories, little-known stories, interviews, events, and astronaut appearances, videos, and other things we think you will find interesting.  Sit back, take a short break, and enjoy.  Edited by Emily Carney, the original Space Hipster.

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To aid researchers, SPACE 3.0 has built a database of Archives and Special Collections containing space-focused materials. 

Your participation helps us build a better resource for all.  If you have information to add or edits to suggest, please contact us.

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Seeking funding for a space history related activity? SPACE 3.0’s “One Small Step” grant is open throughout the year to individuals and organizations, whenever the need presents. We seek proposals where $250-$2,500 could make a real difference–ideas such as digitizing historical documents, collecting an oral history, creating podcasts, or filling gaps at the Space Business & Commerce Archives. Click here to visit the grant program page and learn more.

SPACE 3.0 supports efforts to collect, transcribe, and digitize oral histories along with providing training on conducting them.

SPACE 3.0 surveys historians and other specialists annually to identify gaps and opportunities.

To be added to our list, please contact us.

SPACE 3.0 intends to partner with a major university MBA program and provide financial support for an initiative that will have MBA students, as part of their required case studies project, research a commercial space endeavor or entrepreneur to expand the overall body of knowledge.

Completed Initiatives

The SPACE 3.0 Foundation digitized the Saunders B. Kramer Lantern Slide Collection with the assistance of Emery Pratt Library and Digital Maryland. The slideshow consists of nearly 100 diagrams, illustrations, and concept illustrations related to his space station and space shuttle designs including Tinkertoy space station designs, lunar satellites and rovers, and the Astrotug space shuttle. Concept artists Ludwig Ziemba, Igor Mead, E. Bertaccini, and Ken Anderson painted Kramer’s designs.

Saunders B. Kramer (d. 2005) was an early space pioneer who worked for Lockheed Corporation from 1955 to 1971, where he received a patent for one of his designs, the Lockheed Bucephalus in 1963.

The slideshow can be viewed by clicking here. The original slides and high-resolution scans are hosted in the SPACE 3.0 Archives. 

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  • Remembering the Space Race with Walter Cronkite: Rockets, Reporters, and the Rise of Television (bonus quiz)
  • Soyuz-1: The Death of Vladimir Komarov, Pressure, Politics, and Parachutes  (bonus quiz)
  • Valentina Tereshkova, The First Lady of Space: In Her Own Words
  • John Glenn Jr.—Debriefed: First Thoughts and Pilot’s Debriefing of His Historic Friendship 7 Flight
  • Space and the Warfighter: How Space Technologies Transformed US Military Actions 

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Oral Histories Funded and Transcribed:

– George Nield. Burt Rutan, Brian Binnie, Charles Walker

– Charles Chafer, Fred Haise, Marianne Dyson



– Bruce Ferguson (Orbital Sciences founder), Robert Truax

Digitized one of the only two known complete copies of this publication (1960-1988). Expansion of this project in 2023/2024 will see a bibliography to aid researchers.

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