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To Build An Endowment

Preserve Space History and Secure its Future

About Us

Why SPACE 3.0 Matters
Imagine if an endowment was set up when John Glenn first flew into space or Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first stepped onto the Moon. $20 Million raised back then could have grown to more than $1 Billion today and provided a source of funds that could make a profound difference. Today, SPACE 3.0 aims to fill this gap. It would be an organization that could help preserve the history of spaceflight, empower entrepreneurs and visionaries, promote STEM initiatives, and increase awareness of space and its benefits.

The Challenge
While there are a lot of organizations involved in and around space, there is a critical need to build an endowment whose resources can self fund the initiatives that preserve the past, help entrepreneurs and visionaries, and craft the vision for a space future. SPACE 3.0, a 501c3 charitable foundation, was launched so that collectively, we as individuals and corporations, can endow the industry and create a pooled resource that can grant and invest in worthy initiatives.

What is SPACE 3.0?
Beginning with the birth of the sector in the 1950s and 1960s, most space activity was directed by the needs of government. The Space Race and the landing of the Apollo spacecraft on the Moon (Space 1.0) was followed by a multi-decade period dominated by government programs lacking an overall underlying vision and the emergence of the first commercially driven ventures (Space 2.0). Today, billionaries and private investors have begun to shift the conversation, investing significant private funds to challenge the status quo. Space 3.0 represents this new beginning, the next evolution of Space products and services. As we consider a free and open space economy, we need to preserve the past knowledge; define a vision; and encourage, support, and educate those leading the efforts.

Who We Are (Board / Staff)

SPACE 3.0 relies on a range of experts involved with space history, space policy, and business and financial leaders to direct its activities.

Scott Sacknoff: Board Chair & President
For more than three decades, Scott Sacknoff has been involved with, sponsored, and supported a range of Space endeavors as an entrepreneur, financier, and engineer. His career began with building experimental engines for the Space Shuttle and later saw him found the International Space Business Council, author the State of the Space Industry market overview and the North American Space Directory, and develop a stock index to benchmark the Space and defense sector. For the past 18 years he has volunteered as publisher of Quest, the oldest peer-reviewed history journal focused on Space flight and launched the Space Business & Commerce Archives to help document the commercial and entrepreneurial history of the industry. He is an alum of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and the International Space University.

Bethany Drehman: Vice Chair and Executive Director
Bethany Drehman, PhD, is a scientist who has focused on bridging the worlds of science and policy. Along the way she
became skilled in non-profit organization and communicating complex concepts to a range of audiences.