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It Takes Just One Small Step

To Build An Endowment

Preserve Space History and Secure its Future

It Takes Just One Small Step

To Build An Endowment

A 501c3 Charitable Grant Making Organization

Funded by individuals like you, SPACE 3.0 was created to identify worthy ideas and provide funding. Donations are channeled to projects that meet our past, present, and future mission.

Projects We Fund

Learn what we are doing to secure the space industry’s

Why SPACE 3.0 Matters

Where do people, non-profits, and companies go when they have a brilliant idea but need funding or support?

Imagine if an endowment was set up when John Glenn first flew into space or Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepped onto the Moon. Just $20 Million raised back then could have grown to more than $1 Billion today and provided a source of funds that could make a profound difference.

SPACE 3.0 aims to fill this gap.
Our mission is to help preserve the history of spaceflight, empower entrepreneurs and visionaries, promote STEM initiatives,
and increase awareness of space and its benefits.

SPACE 3.0 Launches "One Small Step" Grants

Seeking funding for a space history related activity?  SPACE 3.0’s “One Small Step” grant is open throughout the year to individuals and organizations, whenever the need presents.  We seek proposals where $250-$1,000 could make a real difference–ideas such as digitizing historical documents, collecting an oral history, creating podcasts, or filling gaps at the Space Business & Commerce Archives. Click here to learn more.

  • Quest: The History of Spaceflight

    Published since 1992, Quest is the only award-winning, peer-reviewed journal exclusively focused on space history.

  • Quest Volume 27 #1 now available!

    This issue features articles on the death of Vladimir Komarov and Apollo explosive devices, as well as interviews with Charles Walker and Frank Cepollina. Plus, from the archives, an official copy of the Soyuz-1 Onboard Journal and "First Words on...

  • DC-area Networking Happy Hour

    SPACE 3.0 is organizing a monthly happy hour for DC-area space professionals to network. Contact us at to be added to the invite list.

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